Tambura State

Unity, Peace and Development


Tambura State is one of the natural rich States in the Republic of South Sudan. It is well known because it falls within the green belt of Equatoria region. The people of this state are known for their hospitality, hard work, peacefulness, Industrious, and good stewardship in the Republic of South Sudan.

The name Tambura was derived from the Azande King (Tamburo) who ruled the Azande people in this part of the Republic of South Sudan. During his reign Tamburo welcomed the French Government representative, the Anglo-Egyptians and the Verona Missionaries of the Roman Catholic Church in his territory. He was a democratic leader and his style of leadership is still evidence today among the people of Tambura State.

Geographical Location

Tambura State is geographically located along 4 degrees north and 28 degrees East, at an altitude of 640 m above sea level. It has international borders with the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Central Africa Republic. It also borders three neighboring States of South Sudan which include; Tambura State, Wau State, and Lol States. The population of Tambura State is estimated at over 500, 000 thousands with an estimated total surface area of 59, 000 sq Km. The state receives 1,200 mm and 2,200 mm of rainfall annually...Read more!

Strategic Trade Centre

Tambura State has an all weather airstrip situated at the capital of the state. The state has basic physical infrastructure which support the operations of the state administration.

It is connected by roads to the neighbouring states as well as across the international borders. Tambura State is a gateway to the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Central African Republic en route to Cameron in West Africa region.

The proposed LAMPSET project connecting the East Africa region has a standard gauge road networks that passes through Tambura State to the Central African Republic...Read more!

economic activities

The economy of the State is predominantly agricultural with a huge potential of natural mineral resources like: Diamond, Gold, Aluminium, Copper, Bauxite, Iron, Cement ...Read more!

Benefits of Investing in Tambura

Access to land, Duty exemptions, Special investment incentives, Friendly environment, Non-discrimination, Guarantee against expropriation, Access to public information ...Read more!

Investment Guarantees

    1. NON-DISCRIMINATION: Both national and foreign investors can own and operate businesses in main sector of the economy in Gbudue State
    2. GUARANTEE AGAINST EXPROPRIATION: The Investment Promotion Act is a guarantee protecting all investors against expropriation
    3. PROTECTION OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS: Intellectual property rights such as trademarks, copyrights and patents are protected
    4. ACCESS TO PUBLIC INFORMATION: Investors have direct and open access to all laws and decisions of courts and to any information related to their investment
    5. REPATRIATION OF CAPITAL, PROFITS AND DEVIDENDS: Investors have the right to freely repatriate their money in freely convertible currency, or dispose of it in a manner they deem fit, subject to tax and other legal obligations...Read more!