1. About the State Secretariat

    The State Secretariat is the Headquarter of Tambura State Government.
    It is composed of the following offices:

    1. Hon. Governor’s office

    2. Hon. Deputy Governor’s office

    3. Hon. Advisors offices

    4. The State Commissions

    5. Hon. Secretary General’s office.

  2. Roles of the state secretariat administration.

    The State Secretariat administration under the leadership of the Hon. Governor has the following roles to play in order to implement the programs and activities of the State.

    1. Provision of good leadership to build foundation for good Governance.

    2. Ensuring that there is Rule of Law in the State

    3. To ensure that there is socio-economic and prosperity prevailing in the State

    4. To enhance community wellbeing and quality of life for all.

    5. To promote accountability, transparency and democratic Governance.

    6. To mobilize adequate resources for the development of the State through proper collection of local revenues, Grants from Central Government, Development Partners and Foreign Investors

    Progress in the State Government’s plans comes from joint efforts of the members of the Executive.
    The Executive therefore play special leadership roles, design and implement the right policies in order to move the State Government forward.
    To discharge its duties, the Government of Tambura State is mindful of the determination, goals and desire to unite its people, to foster development and to ensure peaceful co-existence among all the people who live and work within Tambura State.
    Tambura State Government is dedicated to a genuine national healing process and the building of trust and confidence in the society through inter-ethnic and communal dialogue.
    The State Government is determined to lay foundation for a united, peaceful and prosperous society based on justice, equality, respect for human rights and the rule of law.

Governor chairs partners meeting in the state secretariat head quarters.