Investment Opportunities in Agriculture
and Agro-Business

Agriculture is the core economic sector of Tambura State. Many citizens of the state depend entirely on agriculture produces for daily income. This sector extensively contribute to the State's Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
Tambura State is also rich in various forest products. Agriculture alone contributes to 60% of the gross domestic product. Major products in the State include: Coffee, Maize, Cassava, Millet, sorghum, Sweet Potatoes, cotton, palm oil and fruits such as Pineapples, oranges, papaya, Bananas, mangos, citrus, grapes, among others.
Other potential areas for investment include livestock, poultry, fish farming, and piggery, among others. Forest products such as Honey, Timbers, Herbs, medicinal trees are also available for investment.

    1. Commercial Crop farming,
    2. Agriculture input supplies,
    3. Pest and Disease management,
    4. Agro-Business sector,
    5. Seeds production,
    6. Agro-processing,
    7. Forest concessions and
    8. Small, medium and large holder irrigation development.

Investment Opportunities in Industry
and Manufacturing

South Sudan envisages a fully integrated industrial sector that can confidently promote economic development in the country.
Therefore Tambura State government seeks to create a dynamic export oriented industrial sector characterized by technological innovation and value addition.
The state government ought to explore its comparative and competitive advantages and widen its economic base. Potential areas of investment in the manufacturing and Industry sector include but not limited to Cements, Construction materials, Consumer goods, fruits processing and canning, fish processing, among others.
No single industrial complex exist in the State.

Investment Opportunities in Mining
and Minerals

Mining is regarded as one of the most important economic sectors of Tambura State.
The mining sector in the state has been largely untapped for many years.
The economic value of the resources is estimated at billions of dollars.
The mining resources include the following:

    1. Diamond,
    2. Gold,
    3. Aluminium,
    4. Copper,
    5. Bauxite,
    6. Iron,
    7. Cement

Investment Opportunities in Tourism

Tambura State is richly endowed with natural resources, ever green and principle source for tourisms. The game reserves in the state is host to some of the rare species of animals and birds.
Across the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo lies Garamba park one of the biggest game reserves characterized by large spices of Elephants, Baboons and Chimpanzees.
It has a large number of animal resources making it as one of the important tourist attraction sites along the borders. The investment opportunities offered by the tourism market are unlimited and can be defined as "nascent" for tourists.

Other Potential Investment Areas include;

    1. Energy (Electricity) - Hydro-electric power on cataracts of river Sue in Tombura, Ezo, and Nagero
    2. Solar system - abundant sunshine in the state creates investment opportunities in areas of solar energy and power in the state.
    3. Roads & Railways - possible road and railways lines connecting South Sudan cities and its neighbouring countries such as the Northern Corridor project connecting East Africa and South Sudan capital Juba. Other connections include the Juba - Yambio Sakure;
      The Juba - Yambio Ezo; the Juba - Yambio, Tambura and Ri Yubu and Wau Tambura Ri Yubu.
    4. There is only one airstrip and no existing airport in the State.
      The state proposes to build two airports in Tambura and Ezo.
      The existing Tambura State airstrip to be upgraded to an airport, and a new airport to be built in Ezo County.
    5. No Housing & Real Estates - development of high Purchase housing units and real estates.
    6. Water yards & treatment plants - possible water treatment plants could be built at Mbiri in Tambura County, and Muruku and Umere in Nagero County.