Ministry of Education and Instruction

  1. About the Ministry

    The State Ministry of Education, Gender and Social Welfare in Tambura state is a merger of two Ministries; General education and Instruction with Gender, Child and Social Welfare composing two major Directorates:

    1. The Directorate of General Education has seven departments (Directorates) which include: Administration and Finance, Planning, Budgeting and statistics, Quality Assurance, Primary and Basic Education, Gender and inclusive Education, Alternative Education Systems, Technical and vocational Education and Training

    2. Directorate of General Education and Instructions-The Directorate of General Education and instruction major aim is to ensure increased access to quality education and to promote equity in order to facilitate the implementation of education reforms.

    The General Education Act 2012 and the Child Act 2008 provide specific legal basis of education in this Country whereas the general education strategic plan (GESP), which falls under the national plan (SSDP) provides the frame work for policy implementation in education.

  2. Major Objectives

    The main goals and objectives within education reflect those of the international community which include access, equity and quality from pre-primary to tertiary levels.

    1. Through drama clubs and cultural activities, we build peace and natural joy in the hearts of the local communities of Tambura state.

    2. Through sports we build unity, because there are no tribes, clans or ethnic groups in sports activities.

    3. And lastly providing our people with free access to information, raising people’s awareness with the different government activities, and about issues of concern to the communities, we fight poverty through developing the psychological ways of thinking, which can lead to literacy development among the communities, and transforming them to a civilized developing communities.

  3. The Values, Principles and goals of General Education

    1. The provision of Education in Tambura State is guided by the following Core values, principles and goals of General education.

    2. Access to free and compulsory education for all citizens without discrimination of any kind.

    3. Foster development through integration, peace, self-reliance, patriotism, respect and tolerance.

    4. Promotion of human rights, gender and equity through the different levels of General Education Social justice, national pride and democracy.

    5. To achieve the above, a new curriculum is being rolled out which is modern and based on active learning. Therefore, full implementation of the new South Sudan curriculum in all our schools is paramount and first priority at the moment.

The Vision

To build an educated and informed nationOverall Goal

Mission Statement

To provide equitable access to quality lifelong learning opportunities for all the people without discrimination.

The Philosophy

The General Education system is designed to transform learners to become good citizens, who are patriotic, proud of their rich culture and heritage, active participants in the Society and capable of fitting anywhere in the world as global citizens and is clearly laid down in the General Education Strategic plan (MoEST 2015: page 6