1. Mandate of the Ministry of Finance

    The mandate of the State ministry of Finance and Public Service Tamburo state is to mobilize resources locally and externally for public expenditure, Manage and controls public finances in a prudent and efficient manner, ensure effectiveness of all spending and to oversee the state plans and strategic development initiatives for economic growth, efficiency and stability, poverty reduction and enhancement of overall development.

    The roadmap to sustainable peace and development is linked to resource availability and utilization for Poverty eradication and sustainable economic development. There is need for efficient resource mobilization, accountability and equitable allocation for service delivery in the state. In this context, effective and transparent budget planning and execution is vital in addressing the socio - economic, political and cultural challenges facing the state.

  2. Strategic Goals

    1. To attract, develop, engage talented people to continue provide quality services to the public.

    2. To maintain a strong and sustainable government financial position.

    3. To provide a sound fiscal and financial planning advice, analysis and coordination in support of informed government policy and decision making.

    4. To develop and administer effective financial management frame-work in which departments and corporations can administer the budgets with appropriate independency and accountability.

    5. To provide relevant services to our clients both inside and outside the government of Tamburo state.

    6. Practice open accountable and fiscally responsible government.

  3. Specific Objectives

    1. Strengthening the institutional and human resource capacity of the state government for domestic resource mobilization by providing medium-to-long-term training on local revenue collection, management and accountability.

    2. Strengthening the capacity of the accountability institutions such as the State Legislative Assemblies, specifically the Public Account Committees to be able to monitor proper budget allocation, expenditures management and budget execution at the state level.

    3. Proper coordination with the various stake holders to ensure effective and efficient running of the work in the Ministry.

    4. Advance strategic corporate initiatives through interdepartmental cooperation.

  4. Mandate of the Ministry of Finance and Public Service

    1. Preparation of budget, execution, management and reporting.

    2. Public procurement management

    3. Auditing of books of accounts of spending agencies in the state.

    4. Preparation of Sate accounts and statements

    5. Formulate, implement, supervise and monitor policies involving State expenditure and revenue.

    6. Mobilize resources to meet State budgetary requirements and development.

    7. Lead in State assets and inventory preparation.

    8. Development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of State development plans.

    9. Coordinate development Planning and other plans

    10. Capacity building of financial managers on proper financial management, procurement and accountability.

Hon. Tamburo Michael Renzi

Vision Statement

To establish a system where Public funds are prudently managed so that sufficient financial resources are available to provide the Citizens with the required services at a minimum cost that meets the National standards while at the same time maintaining a positive financial position.

Mission Statement

The Ministry serves the public as a primary tax collector, investment administrator, Chief accounts, as well as providing fiscal relations and budget expenditure.

Core Values

  1. Providing honest and ethical management of the publics’ fund as the financial trustee
  2. Integrity, trustworthiness, responsiveness, Productivity and reliability in all our activities
  3. Adhering to professionalism, accounting and financial standards
  4. Respecting and cooperating with our clients, partners and staff at large
  5. Innovativeness, creativity, straight forwardness and transparent outcomes.

Hon. Tamburo Michael Renzi in Office