Ministry of Information, Culture, Youth and Sports

  1. About the Ministry

    The State Ministry of Information, Culture, Youth and Sports is the mouthpiece of Tambura State government mandated to transform Tambura State into a culturally harmonious and vibrant society where ethnic and cultural diversity of her people is a source of strength, unity and pride.

  2. Vision of the Ministry:

    Better-informed, united, culturally harmonious and truly peaceful citizenry of Tambura State; a State where the ethnic and cultural diversity of her people is a source of strength, unity and pride; a democratically transformed society where citizens participate freely in their own socio-economic development and governance Affairs.

  3. Mission:

    As the mouthpiece of the State government, the State Ministry will have to disseminate government press releases, press statements, and organize public education campaigns as well as public events that promotes unity in diversity and engage the people of Tambura State in dialogue with their government.
    The Ministry will also offer independent media outlets with opportunities to cover government activities and events.

  4. Core values

    1. Cultural diversity

    2. Peaceful coexistence

    3. Tolerance

    4. Participation

    5. Inclusivity

    6. Freedom of expression,

    7. Freedom of press

    8. Responsive and effective governance

  5. Strategic work plan

    As such this strategic work plan resembles the Image and motto of Tambura state government with slogan of peace, unity and development. As it is clearly indicated through this work plan as follows:

    1. Through drama clubs and cultural activities, we build peace and natural joy in the hearts of the local communities of Tambura state.

    2. Through sports we build unity, because there are no tribes, clans or ethnic groups in sports activities.

    3. And lastly providing our people with free access to information, raising people’s awareness with the different government activities, and about issues of concern to the communities, we fight poverty through developing the psychological ways of thinking, which can lead to literacy development among the communities, and transforming them to a civilized developing communities.

  6. Specific Goals

    1. To build peace among the different communities of Tambura state.

    2. To fight poverty and illiteracy through raising people’s awareness in the different fields of life

    3. To encourage free access to information as its stated in article ( 21 ) sub article ( 2 ) of the transitional Constitution of South Sudan 2011 amended 2012

    4. To encourage cultural development in Tambura state

    5. To unite the different ethnic groups within the through the project of Tamburanization

    6. Establish a community radio station in Tambura state to mobilize communities on social and social issues.

    7. To disseminate Government policies and carry peace messages, and information more frequently.

    8. Establish an internet center and build Tambura state website in order to promote Tambura to the outside world.

    9. To train Sons and daughters of Tambura state in information technology in order to develop media industry in Tambura.

    10. Establish a good tie and build a working relation with other Media houses outside the State in order to effectively share events with the rest of the country.

Hon. Anikumbo Mathew Aime

Overall Goal

To achieve a peaceful united community, who works for a sustainable development of Tambura State.


    1. Establishment of the Ministry for effective service delivery
    2. Establish and maintain Tambura State FM Radio
    3. Establish and maintain Tambura State Website
    4. Establish and develop a Public Museum and Library
    5. Establish information centres for Youth and the general public
    6. Protection and promotion of cultural heritages
    7. To champion the development and empowerment of the youth of Tambura State through the provision of education and lifelong skills and safeguard their physical, moral and intellectual wellbeing and to ensure their effective and patriotic participation in the affairs of Tambura State in Particular and South Sudan at large.