Ministry of Local Government and Law Enforcement

  1. About the Ministry

    The Local Government is defined as a community government which is close to the people and exists below the sub-National level of government. By its definition the authority is brought closer to the people whereby they have the power to rule themselves.

    Therefore, the state Ministry of Local Government and Low enforcement stand to improve and raise the standard of living of the people and equip personnel with skills and or technical knowhow. Ensure security and stability plus good governance in Tambura State.

  2. Ministry Programs

    1. Build capacity of Ministry and Traditional authority:

      1. To enhance service delivery.
      2. To enable staff acquire more skill.
      3. To have more qualified staff.
      4. To bring more efficiency in Government at grass roots

    2. Local Government policy and decentralization of activities to the counties and payam: To establish and strengthen local Government councils for effective service delivery

    3. Intergovernmental policy and coordination: To improve coordination, communication and implementation of state policy to the counties

    4. Establish the Ministry office across the newly created counties: Provision of adequate working space for the Ministry of Local Government and Low enforcement, counties, payam, Boma and traditional courts.

    5. Information and communication technology: To enhance communication technology.

    6. Transfer of Local Government officers: To improve service delivery enhance performance in the counties and provide opportunity to administrators to be innovative and creative.

    7. Counties visit by Minister of Local Government and Law enforcement and director of Local Government:To ensure effective and efficient service and implementation of development program and projects.

    8. Purchase of provision of means of transport to ministry headquarter and county and payam administration: To improve service delivery and mobility.

    9. Rehabilitation of police service: To enable police presences in all counties and payams to easy accessibility by community.

    10. Capacity Building to police service:

      1. To enhance capacity of personnel and improve the professional policing.
      2. To improve rule of law and good governance.

    11. Rehabilitation of prison service:To provide a carpentry skills as a way forward for reformation of prisoners

    12. Agriculture: To Boost food security for prison

    13. Rehabilitation of wild life service:

      1. To provide access road linking to rangers posts.
      2. To open road around the same reserve as protection measure.

    14. Construction of an office for Fire brigade service: Provide office for fire safety store and custody.

Hon. Mathew Mabenge


As the third level of government the Ministry of Local Government is mandated to deliver primary services to the people at the grass roots and implement policies and directives from the state and National governments.


Sustainable Local government institutions which are consultative participatory, transparent and accountable to the people to ensure democracy and good governance and promote social economic development.

The Overall Goal and Objectives

  1. Provision of adequate staff to the Local Government Councils.
  2. Improve work performance.
  3. Provide transport to Ministry and seven Counties.
  4. Provide enough office accommodation for the Ministry and the seven County.
  5. Construction of the new counties Head quarter office.
  6. Construction of “c” courts and “B” courts at the county and payam level.
  7. Increase revenue Construction in the counties.
  8. Encourage micro Finance services to C B O’s in the counties to enhance development.

Department of parliamentary affair programs.

  1. Recruitment: To easy work load
  2. Good governance: To promote good governance in the state.
  3. Rule of law: To promote rule of law at the state and down to Boma.
  4. Civil education: To facilitate the growth of effective and efficient political party.
  5. Conduct Business Regulation: To enhance leadership in the management and administration of government business across the state.
  6. Workshop: To improve councilor’s leadership skill.
  7. Legislative and Executives forum: To enhance cooperation between Executive and legislative.