Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Public Utilities

  1. About the Ministry

    The State Ministry of Physical Infrastructure And Public Utilities, Tambura State is one of the Government broad based service delivery Ministries in Tambura State South Sudan covering a wide range of basic services to the Public in Tambura State in particular and beyond in general. Hence, it shoulders huge responsibilities of ensuring that, the needed services under its seven below listed directorates reach the targeted beneficiaries from Tambura Communities as well as demonstrating the Physical presence of the government to the public. This explains precisely why this ministry is ever knocking doors of partners, donors, humanitarian agencies, friends and well-wishers.

  2. Directorates of the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Public Utilities

    Therefore, it’s seven (7) directorates plus the general Administration all headed by Directors are:

    1. The General Administration Head quarters

    2. Directorate of Roads and Bridges

    3. Directorate of water and Sanitation

    4. Directorate of Land, Survey and Town Planning

    5. Directorate of housing and constructions

    6. Directorate of Civil Aviation

    7. Directorate of electricity and power supply

    8. Directorate of mechanical Transport

  3. The Objectives

    1. Ensuring quality services delivery under all the seven Directorates of the ministry by offering the available or hired technical supports where deemed necessary.

    2. To institute firm and sustainable Infrastructure systems of service delivery to the population of Tambura State by inculcating right procedures and processes in the State.

    3. Improved forest management for sustainable use: To facilitate forest plantation and replantation of harvested forest, to improve forestry extension services and to improve the capacity of forestry department in the state ministry for effective monitoring and evaluation.

    4. To ensure coordinated Services Delivery System to kick-start socio Economic progress

    5. To ensure strategic road leading to the neighboring States and Countries to remain operational all year round.

    6. To connect productive areas to trunk roads and markets.

    7. To develop policy framework that enhance efficiency and effectiveness in the realm of Infrastructure and Public Utilities in Tambura State

    8. To advocate and collaborate with GOSS, UN agencies, Humanitarian agencies and other development agencies for rapid capacity building of our staff for efficient service delivery.

  4. Key projects/programs

    The main Ministry projects/programs in accord with its proposed 2017/2022 Work Plan are extracted and summarized here in:

    1. Reorganization of the Ministry

    2. Deployment of the Staff to Counties

    3. Assessments of trunk and feeder roads in Tambura State

    4. Urgent filling of critical potholes on our trunk roads together with bridges like Duma, Naita, Yubu, Yaa, Biki among others

    5. Opening up our feeder roads in the Tambura State as well as connecting to neighbouring States and Countries

    6. Grading of the trunk roads in Tambura State

    7. Quick assessments of water system in Tambura State for possible repairs and establishment of more new water points.

    8. To propose amendment of 2013 Land Act to the context of Tambura State for efficient and effective management of land in Tambura State (Act. 17(1 to 4)

    9. To develop Tambura State Master Plan for modern outlook and sustainable development

    10. To rehabilitate one Government building for the State Directorate of water and sanitation

    11. To construct Tambura State Ministry Headquarters and its seven directorates

    12. Relocation of Tambura State Head Quarter to strategic center position of Ngoni within Tambura State thus 35.5miles away from the previous Head Quarter as well as from Nagero County in the extreme North of Tambura State Article 50 (5) of the Constitution of Western Equatoria State 2011 amended 2015.

    13. Rehabilitation of the Air Strip in Tambura State (Tambura County)

    14. Fencing of the air strip

    15. Capacity building to the staff of civil aviation

    16. Establishment and construction of Tambura State International Air Port

    17. Construction of dam at sue river for electricity and power supply to Tambura State

    18. To strengthen the capacity of Mechanical Department and Transport for better services of vehicles and machines.

    19. To solicit both labour based and truck roads equipment for maintenance, and opening up of both feeder and truck roads.

Hon. Richard Dasanga Michael

Overall Goal

The overall goal of this Ministry is to achieve improved and sustainable infrastructural developments in Tambura State by supporting it attain modern outlook.

Improved and adequate availability of Public Utilities to Tambura State