Ministry of Health and Environment

  1. About the Ministry

    In the philosophical point of view, if one is healthy, he/she can be able to do anything to sustain his/her living whenever where ever necessary. And for this matter, we prioritize health to be the first items/element in our plan. Because our people in and around Tambura State have suffered immensely before Tambura could become State. Now with the establishment of Tambura as State, we have written so many project proposals so that the development partners could validate and come to our request.

  2. Objectives

    1. To have contemporary hospital in the State.

    2. To have enough medical Doctors to run the hospitals

    3. To have contemporary medical equipment, e g. Ultra sound, x-ray machines, microscope and theatre equipment.

    4. To have well trained medical personnel.

    5. To have uniforms both white and blue collars for medical personnel and cleaners as well.

    6. Establish Macquarie’s in all the seven county hospitals.

    7. Fenced all the seven county hospitals

    8. Supply AMBULLANCE Cars for all the seven county hospitals to deliver service to the needy

    9. To have regular supply of Drugs to the PHCC and PHCU

  3. Other key Project areas

    1. Renovation of medical commission office

    2. Provision of furniture and equipment for medical commission office

    3. Renovation of VIP hospital especial wing

    4. Provision of furniture for the hospital special wing.

    5. Provision of source of light for the entire hospital

Hon. David Paulino Simbi

Overall Goal

To create a better work able health sector for health population who can be able to reconstruct this war devastated country. With the help of our friends and Development partners we need to establish referral and specialist hospital mostly the neglected tropical dieses which is rampant destroying the health of our strong work force and improve the status of all the seven county hospitals in Tambura State.

Currently the Minister and his team, has been relocated from the County Health Department to a rented house whose value is 15,000 (fifteen thousand S.S.P. per month.
In this house, we lack necessary equipment to run our daily activities, such as the Internet line, Source of light, Printer, photocopier furniture among others.